Driver Issues with USB dongle TP-LINK WN823N RTL8192EU V3 on Fedora

Context: Fedora - Are there any drivers for USB dongle TP-LINK WN823N RTL8192EU V3? - #29 by hhlp

I have been using this device on 5.15+ kernels for the past few months. The experience is frustrating. @hhlp, how is it working out for you recently? Is there something you did differently? The performance here is horrifying and it hasn’t always been like this. It seems to be getting worse with each new kernel. I am running Fedora Rawhide (36), and the same is true in v35 (tested on both).

I see a lockup (deadlock) pointing to the driver during boot. Booting continues after that, and the device loads. However, the performance is disappointing. I am up for troubleshooting. Perhaps I should file an issue at referenced Git repository

Hi @twohot

You really should