Dracut Emergency mode if I remove USB stick on boot

I have followed this tutorial to make my LUKS partition unlockable through a USB disk instead of a passphrase

The problem is that, despite it works for unlocking LUKS when Fedora boots, it shoots the dracut emergency mode only when USB is not plugged.

Not sure what is going on, its like such mount has to be there or breaks the booting process because it cannot find it.

There is a line in fstab for the USB drive, specifying the mount point. I’m not sure if this is relevant for this issue

That line is very relevant.

Unless the line includes the ‘nofail’ option the boot will halt with failure to mount ALL file systems in the fstab. This means the usb must be inserted or boot fails.

If you wish to boot without that USB device then either remove the line from fstab or add the nofail option to the fstab entry.

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