Download speeds slow (I'm a Noob)

I get 225Mbp download on speed test, but when I download a test file or anything else I get 200kbs
Not sure how to find the information you need to see what is wrong.

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The 225Mbp is very relative and probably just shows you the speed of your providers network.
Behind this you can’t control It.

If you use a payed VPN provider you can get more stable speeds because they “promise” you a certain speed in their network. But also behind this, if you use the TOR network you are installing a own bottle neck.

So Internet speed nowadays is really a matter of marketing and not just based on qualitative and fast hardware speed.

Tools like ping and traceroute can give you some information of the request time. Slowdowns are visible especially with traceroute because it shows you the different hoops.

As I mentioned above. Your provider guarantees you the speed from your network card to the exit of his network. If your providers provider is a slow one, you can have a slow connection. And of course your location has also a big influence to fast network speed.

I use the free Proton VPN to get faster international connections. You might test this if this would give you better performance.

The file you are downloading is actually downloaded from a webserver but if that webserver does not have a throughput is like so then you can’t get more speed just by having a faster connection you can try to download more files from other websites. Try to gitclone source files from github. github have a good server.

I think fist thing would be to traceroute github to see if the respond time is ok. If this is bad, there is a bottle neck in between, outside of his providers network.

Possible explanations:

  • Traffic shaping and/or bandwidth limitations usually applied for load balancing by the ISP, or owner/hosting of the server based on the destination, protocol, port, traffic type, etc.

  • Packet loss due to network-related problems somewhere upstream, can be global for your region/location or limited to a specific routing path or CDN.

In short, more testing is required using tools like MTR and Iperf with different servers and protocols.

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I figured out the problem, I have a netgear a6210 wifi adapter and linux don’t like it. Looks like I will have to get a different one.