Downgrade kernel from previous fedora version

I’m having massive graphic glitches and issues with the intel gpu driver since switching from F31 to F33. I don’t seem to be alone with this and apparently one of the last kernel updates fixed this for a lot of people. While the issues got better on my machine, I still experience graphic glitches up to complete freezes.
Anyway, so much for background information. Unfortunately I had my old kernel versions since deleted by updates. So my question is, is there a way to install an older kernel (from F31, F32) on F33 through dnf so I can boot into it without doing too much damage? I don’t really like the thought of having to compile one myself.

Thanks so much in advance,

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you can download the kernel from koji:

and install it via DNF

for example:

you can freeze this kernel with, because you can only keep 3 kernels you can see this in /etc/dnf/dnf.conf

sudo dnf versionlock add kernel-5.10.19-100.fc32

when you boot press shift key and select this kernel because grub menu is hidden by default…




Awesome, thanks for the fast and great reply!

The downgrade worked, I’ll have to see about the issues. Somehow I thought there might be more to it when jumping over releases for packages.


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