Upgrade F32 to F33 with "locked" kernel

I am currently running F32 however I had have to “lock” my kernel at 5.8.18 as the machine has an older GEForce card and the currently available noveau driver is back-levelled (The 5.9 kernel family will not boot the machine with the existing noveau driver - Machine will not boot with a 5.9 kernel - #18 by ankursinha

My question(s) is/are: Is it possible to do the upgrade to F33 and retain the “locked” kernel? (If not - how would I reinstall the 5.8.18 kernel before having to reboot the machine (as I;m sure the reboot would fail from previous experience with a 5.9 kernel and the back-levelled noveau driver))?

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After an upgrade, you typically have one new kernel and the two most recent existing kernels on the machine. I believe but don’t dare to promise you your lock will work during the upgrade, but even if it doesn’t, you should be able to boot an older kernel afterwards if you need to.

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You will have to manually download the kernel from kernel-5.8.17-300.fc33 | Build Info | koji and install it using dnf install.

Thanks for the feedback guys. Sounds like even though I currently have the version of the kernel locked I am going to have to re-install it after the upgrade.