"dosbox-staging" replacing "dosbox" despite being different applications


It appears that when one requests to install “dosbox” (sudo dnf install dosbox), it instead installs “dosbox-staging”, even though “dosbox.x86_64” is available in the repositories. It even replaces an explicit installation (sudo dnf install dosbox.x86_64) when doing an upgrade (sudo dnf upgrade) thereafter. I can, of course, define exclusion rules either on the command line or inside “/etc/dnf/dnf.conf”, but that is a workaround and not a solution.

Those applications are not even the same as described on the about page of DOSBox Staging, nor do they take over/import settings already done in DOSBox. This makes them entirely unique and different programs entirely independent from each other and should not be advocated as upgrade to the other.

I therefore wonder what the reasoning behind this is. To me, at least, it does not make sense as per the above. Is there a place where I can appeal package maintainers to stop marking “dosbox-staging” as an upgrade to “dosbox” for Fedora?

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The link you include says:

"DOSBox Staging is an attempt to revitalize DOSBox’s development process. It’s not a rewrite, but a continuation and improvement on the existing DOSBox codebase while leveraging modern development tools and practices. "

which to me seems like this is a fork to continue development of DOSBox?

Anyway, see:


Feel free to discuss it with the maintainers (you can even take over dosbox to unretire it in Fedora if you wish).

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@ankursinha, thanks!

I wish I would be able to. However, I would lack the skills or the time to do so (I am system administrator, not a software developer ;-)).