Should I run `dnf autoremove` after upgrade from f36 to f37?

Hello. I just upgraded my Fedora workstation from 36 to 37. As usual, the upgrade process via gnome-software ran smoothly and without any problems. Good work!

I usually run sudo dnf autoremove from time to time, but this time I’m unsure:

[zinn@zmac ~]$ sudo dnf autoremove
[sudo] Passwort für zinn:         
Letzte Prüfung auf abgelaufene Metadaten: vor 0:17:58 am Fr 17 Mär 2023 19:53:57 CET.
Abhängigkeiten sind aufgelöst.
 Paket                                                     Architektur                      Version                                     Paketquelle                         Größe
 distribution-gpg-keys                                     noarch                           1.85-1.fc37                                 @updates                            539 k
 enchant                                                   x86_64                           1:1.6.0-31.fc37                             @fedora                             149 k
 f36-backgrounds-base                                      noarch                           36.1.1-2.fc37                               @fedora                             7.4 M
 f36-backgrounds-gnome                                     noarch                           36.1.1-2.fc37                               @fedora                             704  
 fedora-flathub-remote                                     noarch                           1-3.fc37                                    @fedora                             5.9 k
 fedora-third-party                                        noarch                           0.10-3.fc37                                 @fedora                              80 k
 fedora-workstation-repositories                           noarch                           35-4.fc37                                   @fedora                             3.4 k
 geocode-glib                                              x86_64                           3.26.4-1.fc37                               @fedora                             169 k
 gettext                                                   x86_64                           0.21.1-1.fc37                               @updates                            4.9 M
 gfbgraph                                                  x86_64                           0.2.5-2.fc37                                @fedora                             105 k
 gnome-online-miners                                       x86_64                           3.34.0-10.fc36                              @anaconda                           376 k
 info                                                      x86_64                           6.8-4.fc37                                  @fedora                             492 k
 libchamplain                                              x86_64                           0.12.20-7.fc37                              @fedora                             409 k
 libchamplain-gtk                                          x86_64                           0.12.20-7.fc37                              @fedora                              25 k
 libgweather                                               x86_64                           40.0-4.fc37                                 @fedora                              22 M
 libindicator-gtk3                                         x86_64                           12.10.1-23.fc37                             @fedora                             212 k
 mozjs91                                                   x86_64                           91.13.0-1.fc37                              @fedora                              12 M
 openldap-compat                                           x86_64                           2.6.4-1.fc37                                @updates                             59 k
 pcre-cpp                                                  x86_64                           8.45-1.fc37.2                               @fedora                              49 k
 pcre-devel                                                x86_64                           8.45-1.fc37.2                               @fedora                             1.7 M
 pcre-utf16                                                x86_64                           8.45-1.fc37.2                               @fedora                             483 k
 pcre-utf32                                                x86_64                           8.45-1.fc37.2                               @fedora                             463 k
 python3-click                                             noarch                           8.1.3-1.fc37                                @fedora                             1.1 M
 python3-libxml2                                           x86_64                           2.10.3-2.fc37                               @updates                            1.3 M

Entfernen  24 Pakete

Freigegebener Speicherplatz: 54 M
Ist dies in Ordnung? [J/n]: 

A grep through the installed packages shows that distribution-gpg-keys, libgweather and mozjs91 were replaced with other packages. Removing these packages should be safe.

But I have no idea if geocode-glib2 is a replacement for geocode-glib, for example.

And what about gettext and libindicator-gtk3 (a dependency of gnome-shell-extension-appindicator), those are definitely still needed, or am I wrong?

What’s the general recommendation, just ignore it? Or should dnf autoremove generally not be executed?

Thanks for your opinions.

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There’s a special warning about removing presumably unused packages in the official Fedora documentation for post-upgrade tasks.

This should apply to most casual users to save time and avoid mistakes, but it might not be the best way to learn something new. :wink:


Sometimes check the repolist also gives you some idea of packages you have installed from other sources then official.

sudo dnf repolist

I checked the packages listed via

dnf repoquery --installed --whatrequires gettext

and was able to verify that these dependencies are no longer needed.

So thank you for pointing me in the right direction. :+1:

My repo list is relatively standard. RPM Fusion for Broadcom and Nvidia drivers, Docker and VS Code for work.

My original question has now been answered.

But thank you for answering anyway.