F37 installation thinks it's still F36 after upgrade (solved)

Hey, I have upgraded to F37 from F36 via GNOME software. My system though it was F36! DNF wanted to download F36 updates.

I have discovered that all F36 packages were still marked as installed in the RPM database. Fixing it was possible in the following way:

  • rpm -qa \*release\*
  • sudo dnf remove any fedora-release packages still F36 - so that DNF would switch to F37 repos
  • Rename /etc/dnf/protected.d to /etc/dnf/protected.d.bak
  • sudo dnf distro-sync
  • Rename /etc/dnf/protected.d.bak to /etc/dnf/protected.d

This is very similar to this older issue!

Make sure to backup your system or make a BTRFS snapshot first.