Dnf upgrade hangs, fyi


I have had some trouble with dnf upgrade recently. Because of this I have been reluctant to upgrade to f38. On the first occurrence the upgrade process from the CLI was obviously stuck, so after a considerable time, I killed it. Upon reboot I ran into a recovery menu, informing me it was unable to find an appropriate initrd. I fixed this (regretfully I don’t remember how), and rebooted into f37. The second time this happened, by CLI, I went to bed, and in the morning something had caused a successful return. This third time, using the automated boot install upgrades, I waited forever while the blue-dash-icon spinned. This time I finally activated a port on a powered usb 3.0 hub, and it jolted the system into a logon menu. All this is kind of weird but not too serious, but I wanted to get it on the record. I will answer questions if I can.

You should provide logs, else nothing can be said.

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I think I mentioned I would respond if anyone thought it interesting or important. Apparently no-one does this.

I don’t think @augenauf was indicating lack of interest but that you should, if you need an answer, provide relevant parts of the logs since we cannot look at them for you.

Unless you provide logs we have nothing to look at for information.

This is a guide on how to ask questions wisely.

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