Dnf reports geogebra GPG key not found

dnf falls over a missing GPG key after download and installation of the rpm from https://wiki.geogebra.org/en/Reference:GeoGebra_Installation

The key is https://static.geogebra.org/linux/office@geogebra.org.gpg.key but I do not know how to include it in the repository.

Any advice? Thanks!

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Hello @ng0177 and welcome to the community!

This works for me:

sudo rpm --import https://static.geogebra.org/linux/office@geogebra.org.gpg.key

sudo dnf install http://www.geogebra.net/linux/rpm/x86_64/geogebra-classic-6.0.559.0-201909172035.x86_64.rpm

Or first download the RPM package from the wiki link you have posted before and install it from the local path (sudo dnf install ./Downloads/geogebra-classic-6.0.559.0-201909172035.x86_64.rpm)


Great! That works seamlessly.

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