Dnf list | howto display case insensitive packages?

I was trying to search for packages where contain the string exif.
When I do :
dnf5 list \*exif* I get just case sensitive results.
dnf5 search \*exif* in the other hand does displays case insensitive:

Matched fields: name
 libexif.i686: Library for extracting extra information from image files
 libexif.x86_64: Library for extracting extra information from image files
 perl-Data-Hexify.noarch: Perl extension to hexdump arbitrary data
 perl-Image-ExifTool.noarch: Utility for reading and writing image meta info

With grep of course I can also use the -i parameter to list insensitive content while the search time gets increased.

What is the “correct” way to search in DNF5 case insensitive (does it make a difference to dnf4)?

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inf dnf4 list is case insensitive and install is case sensitive. Try dnf list available 'p*', for example.

dnf repoquery \*exif*
also works for dnf5.

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Before I Install I mostly do a dnf list/info to see what exactly I do install.
When I do dnf list \*exif* (dnf4) I get the package :


listed while with dnf5 not!

I think it is just not implemented yet. I guess I will report this by the dnf5 team, right?

I could reproduce that. The query you chose is very good because the difference in the output between dnf4 and dnf5 is exactly this 1 package and it is clearly case sensitive.

You could search it with dnf5 list '*[Ee]xif*' but if you would like to report it to the dnf5 team to see if the current implementation (case-sensitive) is intentional, you can do this here: GitHub - rpm-software-management/dnf5: Next-generation RPM package management system

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Let’s see what they say:

I discussed this issue with other DNF5 developers, and the resolution is that “dnf5 list” should behave insensitively.

It got changed :bluethumb:

Great! Happy to see that they made it consistent with the old behavior.