Is there a good app present in dnf to remove metadata from a photo or document

Can anyone give me good suggestion for an app for metadata remover from a document or photo it is required sometime while posting in a social media or somewhere else. I will try all please suggest.


I know imagemagick can do it:

More info here:

(It also speaks about exiftool, but I couldn’t find it on the packages app)


This one? But as a flatpak.

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exiftool package perl-Image-ExifTool-12.30-1.fc35


I wonder why it doesn’t show up on the packages app then:

says “No results found” :confused:

EDIT: looks like the search is case sensitive, so searching for “ExifTool” does work:

EDIT: filed Issue #29: Could the search be made case-insensitive please? - fedora-packages-static -


Sorry if this one has already been mentioned but this one works brilliant for stripping meta from images and media files from iOS devices.

We haven’t tried it for documents or other data file types


findutils find command: $ find -iname "filename" does ignore case. -iname.

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Sure, but this wasn’t for the command line though, it was for the Fedora packages application here:

Not in dnf, but mat2 can be installed using pip, ie:
pip --user install mat2

@frankjunior Hi, are the answers OK for you?

Those are enough but make someones ans as a solution is not right that is why i didn’t make it solution as everyone donated there best suggestion… now i am trying everything once i find best for me i will make it to a solution who have suggested that.

I was looking for a metadata editor for the video to scrub personal information (tag, editor, author, device info, location, and the like).

exiftool appears to be the most popular and versatile. It is also found in RPM-OSTREE.
exiftool also detects video formats such as MP4, WebM, and many more doc formats. Check man pages for details.