Display Managers Run if you manually call them, but fail when added through systemctl?

Hello, I have been trying to get a TUI display manger on a minimal F36 VM and keep running into the same problem.

Both Ly and greetd got to the state were I can manually run them, and they work, but they fail to run correctly by themselves. I almost wonder if it is some user/permission issue.

After adding cargo and pam-devel greetd builds and appending some sudos to the listed commands to setup, those work as expected as well. But the last command systemctl enable --now greetd fails with unable to exec: Sys(EACCES) on greetd/src/session/worker.rs:255:14

Which is this block of code:

 let command = if source_profile {
            "[ -f /etc/profile ] && . /etc/profile; [ -f $HOME/.profile ] && . $HOME/.profile; exec {}",
            cmd.join(" ")
    } else {
        format!("exec {}", cmd.join(" "))


let cpath = CString::new("/bin/sh").unwrap();
            .expect("unable to exec");  //IT FAILS ON THIS LINE

Ly I can get it to boot into (possibly simply because their command to add the service does not try to run the DM), but it simply wont work (a couple other fedora users on their git issues seem to think it is some peculiarity with fedora), but if is manually run it, it will.