Can't login

I start my pc and go into kernel 5.19 and when going into tty I can do startx and it will start gnome but I can’t just enter my password and go into cinnamon(witch I prefer and have selected by default). I don’t know what is wrong does anyone have any answers?

You need to provide more information if you want to have an answer.

Why? What prevents you from entering your password and login? We need more information about the very problem :wink: Your answer to this is the major indication for us, so detail the “immediate problem you experience”, which prevents you from log in, as precise as possible.

I guess you mean not GNOME but GDM (or another display manager) at this point. You are talking about the login screen in which you can choose the user account and (normally) enter the password to log in, don’t you? Btw, have you installed cinnamon through the cinnamon spin or have you installed another edition/spin and installed cinnamon manually after the installation?

You can already provide some basic information:
1st) provoke the problem that prevents you from logging in and …
2d) immediately after the 1st (within 2 minutes!), get the output of this command and let us know: sudo journalctl --since "2 minutes ago" → feel free to anonymize parts of the output if you consider it private (e.g., MAC addresses, user name)
3rd) let us know the output of the following commands: sudo systemctl status gdm & sudo systemctl status sddm → I do not know which display manager is currently active on your system so I expect one of the two commands will work and the other will end up in “service could not be found”.

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sddm.service; disabled is what I get when running sudo systemctl status sddm

Can you post the results of:
systemctl status display-manager.service
glxinfo | grep -iE 'vendor:|device:|version:|OpenGL renderer|accel


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Since this answers only one of the open questions, and only partly, I cannot do much more with this. Also, please get used to show us the exact output of commands since it can be seemingly minor things that offer valuable indication. sddm.service; disabled is unlikely to be the exact, full output of systemctl. Additionally, especially the first of grumpey’s commands would be also very valuable if you are nor sure which display manager you use.

systemctl status display-manager.service

gkr-pam: unable to locate daemon control file.
gkr-pam: stashed password to try later in open session
Gdm: GdmDisplay: Session never registered, failing.

glxinfo | grep -iE 'vendor:|device:|version:|OpenGL renderer|accel

Error: unable to open display :99

UPDATE: Not sure if this is useful but I updated to fedora 37 and the same thing is happening.

Update: running cinnamon returns

(cinnamon): mutter-WARNING **: --:--:--.---: Failed to create backend: Unable to open display ':99'

UPDATE: Now it says

(cinnamon): mutter-WARNING **: --:--:--.---: Failed to create backend: Unable to open display ':0'


I just had to comment out every line in .bash_profile and I could login. Just letting everone know it is fixed now.


Probably not every line.
You might try enabling one line at a time to see which actually caused the problem.