Disk encryption on Fedora AArch64 (SBSA)

I own a PineBook Pro.
I would like to install Fedora on it, and after following this guide: Fedora on the Pinebook Pro – nullr0ute's blog I can boot images from Fedora Alternate Architectures :white_check_mark:
The problem is that those images have no disk encryption, and the NetInstall cannot be used, as the laptop have no working wifi unless installing some firmware, and has no ethernet port.
Any suggestion?
I thought of using fscrypt, but unluckily btrfs (which is used in the images) does not support it.
One option would be to use a phone in USB tethering mode, but I wonder if I am missing something and there is a more obvious way to do it without needing an internet connection.

I guess you will do your selves a big favor to organize a usb-c to RJ45 adapter. Just search before buying if it is working with linux out of the box.