Discover fails to install Lenovo System Firmware: The input is not of cabinet format

Hi all;
I’ve just updated to Fedora37, and the “Discover” app says there’s a new update for my system.
When I click ‘Update All’, I get “Error: The input is not of cabinet format”.
I’ve narrowed it down to this update: Lenovo System Firmware (0.1.31 → 0.1.32), 23.9 MiB in size.

I’m hoping someone can fix this, because it’s one of the only two problems I’ve had with my newly-updated Fedora 37.

Note: I’m using the Plasma desktop on a Lenovo Thinkpad

$ dmesg | grep -i lenovo | tail -n 2
[   10.528810] thinkpad_acpi: Lenovo ThinkPad P17 Gen 1, model 20SQS14P00
[   16.302258] Hardware name: LENOVO 20SQS14P00/20SQS14P00, BIOS N30ET48W (1.31 ) 10/07/2022


I’m having the exact same problem with a firmware-update for my Dell Inspiron laptop.

Someone needs a good talking to about this problem.

Please remember that almost all developers for linux are doing so as volunteers and no one has the ability to test every possible (hardware & software & bios combination) scenario for bugs. It is up to the user to report problems and doing so helps identify and fix the different issues that may be outliers from the mainstream.

Please remain positive in your comments.

Try updating the firmware using fwupdmgr.

Please make sure your laptop is connected to AC power before starting the update.

$ fwupdmgr refresh --force
$ fwupdmgr get-updates
$ fwupdmgr update