Can't update firmware

I can’t update my firmware from “192.90.2072” to “192.92.2145” on my Lenovo T490 because of what it seems is a known failure [read article here]. It’s a short article that tells me to turn off “lock boot order” and “Secure boot”. I completed all the recommended steps and it still fails every time. I have multiple boot loaders that I don’t know how to get rid of, I’m not sure if that is creating this problem or preventing the solution (see attached pic).

I’m not sure what to do next, I am open to any wisdom or advice that would point me in the right direction.

Lenovo are modern devices using flash based memory BIOS meaning that interrupting update leads directly to bricked device needing professional after service … Lenovo uses Windows as default OS relying on Microsoft for BIOS/firmware device updates. Using ThinkPad X270 with firmware updated by Ubuntu then another update with Red Hat now getting slightly old with no support. The two updates came from Gnome Software app with firmware update enabled, not straightforward but correspond exactly to information from Lenovo website and BIOS.

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I’d probably post on a Lenovo forum for this—it may or may not be OS related.

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It’s no use… When my Lenovo microphone stopped working, I posted it on their forum…And they had no idea what it was…
In these more technical matters, they are lost… And it seems that they don’t have support from the factory engineers.

I don’t think boot order has any effect on the bios update, although it may be needed for you to select booting from the device used to install the update. The ‘lock boot order’ and ‘secure boot’ would probably both be under the security tab. You also might need to disable TPM in the same area before you update the bios.

fwupd creates a temporary boot entry which begins BIOS update and later is removed. Maybe the other entry is for the update, but it was not executed. You can view it with efibootmgr and run, edit or remove it, if it’s feasible.