Disabling password on screen lock

hello, I was wondering if it’s possible to disable the requirement for password on the screen lock every time I log into my desktop.

in the settings > users, I’ve enabled automatic login (this is the most common recommendation online). I’m not quite sure what it was meant to do but, no matter how many times I restarted my device, I’m still required to enter my password at the screen lock…

I’ve seen there was some file that can be reconfigured via the terminal to achieve this. but is there even a way to disable password in the settings? what is the auto login thing actually for?


Auto Login is to automatically log the user in at boot time and is not related to the password for the screen lock.

You can change the settings in the gnome settings panel → Privacy → Screen lock to blank the screen but turn off screen lock.

It seems intuitive that a screen lock means to lock the screen which then would require a password to unlock it. Turning off the lock would then allow bringing the screen back up without the need to ‘unlock’ it.

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If you have luks / encryption, I think GNOME autologin will work if you set your login password to your disk unlock passphrase.

If you aren’t encrypted, sudo passwd --delete <username> nukes your password. sudo passwd <username> lets you re-create a password.

that’s sounds sensible. that’s exactly what I’d want, to jump straight into the desktop without having to use a password. I’m sorry if I didn’t explain myself clearly.