Disable unwanted auto switch of laptop display to a second monitor on Fedora 35

I have a laptop connected with usb-c to a samsung monitor. This connection provides also power to laptop. Desktop is also connected to the samsung monitor with hdmi. Auto switch inputs is disabled on monitor side.
Problem appears when desktop display on samsumg monitor auto turns off after a while of not used and i want to turn it on by pressing desktop keyboard to enter my password. At this time with the first key pressed on desktop keyboard the laptop screen switches off and laptop display is transferred to samsung monitor usb-c input. To bring display back to laptop screen i have to press F8 or if laptop screen is off (because not used for sometime) i have to enter blindly my password and then press F8
How to prevent this. I am running wayland.

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Did you have a look in the power saving options? Disable everything what brings the laptop into sleep modus. You can select sleep modus just when is used with battery. This means you have to power the laptop over the power outlet if you use external screen.

You also need to check if the Monitor it selves has a power saving option.

On the laptop and the workstation you can use just the screensaver to have some security.

Have a look if you can solve your problem this way.

Thanks for your thoughts but laptop display is moved to external monitor even if laptop itself it is not in any power save state. When the desktop is at screen off save mode and wakes, only then laptop screen affected and its display is moved to external monitor.
I will try the same with laptop at Windows to see what happens.

May be first you could try to intentionally use your Samsung monitor as second display for your laptop through usb-c. Then go to Gnome-Settings → Displays. You should get 3 tabs, join displays, mirror displays, and single display. Choose the last one, single display. Then apply it—top right window (remember to select your build in monitor first on this tab).

It works with my HDMI and can remember the state after unplug and plug the HDMI cable.

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Thanks, that way worked. I first used samsung as second monitor to mirror display and then i selected single display which now stays put and don’t go away no matter what happens to my desktop.