Different wallpapers on build-in and external monitors?

Is it possible to have a different wallpaper on the external monitor from that on the build-in monitor?

Please give us more details … about your system and DE version etc

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I‘m using F36, gnome42.

While F36 is still in beta (at least until May 10) there will be few changes except bug fixes. You may want to propose a feature enhancement to the gnome developers to allow the different wallpapers you ask about.

Thank you for your suggestion. I think it is unlikely to have a feature enhancement in the coming release.

You could try Gabriele Musco / HydraPaper · GitLab

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Thank you very much! I installed hydrapaper but it crashes each time I start it. I’ll wait for the update.

Was it the flathub or repo version?
The flathub version worked for me, albeit a little quirky.

Could not be the version of gnome an issue?

HydraPaper officially supports the following desktop environments: