Different scaling on different monitors with different resolutions

I have a 4k and 1440p monitor but can’t get the scaling to work independently.

I tried to use xrandr but for some reason it makes my my 1440p monitor a small section of the total monitor. Then on my 4k monitor I see the all of what’s on the 1440p monitor. Hard to describe but its like my right monitor is a magnify window of my second monitor and it’s really only 1 desktop.

If anyone has some commands that would be great. the monitors are under DP-2 and DP-4

Are you using Fedora 32 with Gnome? The Settings “Displays” panel allows configuring distinct scaling for two monitors. (It worked pretty well for me, on the whole, although sometimes, bizarre things happened to window size or font size when a window migrated from one display to a differently-scaled display.)