Device security tab missing from F37 Beta GNOME Settings

I decided to do a clean install to test F37 Beta on my machine a couple of days ago, and I remember having the Device Security tab on gnome-control-center both on the live ISO and when the system first installed, but after updating it to the latest version, it went missing. How can I start debugging what happened, or even is that an intentional choice (I highly doubt it though)?

This is likely due to,firmware-security: Hide the panel when chassis type is an empty string (!1443) · Merge requests · GNOME / Settings · GitLab
which is further complicated by hostname: Chassis type through org.freedesktop.hostname1 but returned an emtpy string. · Issue #24384 · systemd/systemd · GitHub

You can check this pretty quick by:
hostnamectl chassis
if it returns nothing you can check:
sudo dmidecode -s chassis-type
to see what your chassis is

you can also manually set it by:
hostnamectl chassis chassis-type

once it set it will show up.

What package exactly provides the dmi command? It shows the command not found prompt to me, but I managed to get it working by using hostnamectl chassis, used TAB to show the options and picked the one for my laptop and it works, thanks!


I fixed my typo in the original post.

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I encountered the same behavior (works on fresh install, fails after update).

hostnamectl chassis

returned an empty string.

dmidecode gave

sudo dmidecode -s chassis-type

trying to set this with hostnamectl fails:

hostnamectl chassis Notebook
Could not set chassis: Invalid chassis 'Notebook' 


hostnamectl chassis laptop

solved the issue for me.

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I just would like to add quickly a more intuitive workflow for working in terminal.

Checking if sudo dnf install bash-completion is installed and afterwards using the Tab key to complete missing options/arguments for commands (sometimes it is needed to hit more than once the tab key).

$ hostnamectl Tab

chassis     deployment  hostname    icon-name   location    status 

$ hostnamectl chassis Tab

container    desktop      handset      server       vm           
convertible  embedded     laptop       tablet       watch