Desktop becomes black screen after update

Today I updated to Fedora KDE 40 using dnf. After I log into my main user, I get a black screen (and Discord, which opens automatically). I’ve had this issue before. I’m using a Radeon card, so it’s not that Nvidia issue. And most importantly, the desktop does work with a brand new user, which means it’s something in the user configuration. In journalctl, qt.qpa.wayland: Wayland does not support QWindow:requestActivate() is a recurring error. Is this enough info? Thanks.

הוסרו nvidia

You then need to search the configs under your users home directory and find what is the problem.

There are many configs under ~/.config and others in the hidden folders directly in your home directory. On fedora you can find what is there with the l. command or use ls -a to see everything.

Perhaps, removing all kde and qt files in the home directories that are hidden in the .config as mentioned. That may mess with other customized things you did with icons or desktop layouts, but you should be able to login again and get your desktop back.

I’ve already deleted (and backed up) the contents of .config/, and it’s already generated two UserFeedback files of Discover and Plasmashell. Should I delete the contents of any other directories?

This is often seen under wayland and is not a problem.
It happens if the app tried to take the focus that policy blocks.

Yeah, I was told this on Matrix about another error that popped up with plasmashell as well.

This is a recording of me trying to start a Plasma session. $WAYLAND_DISPLAY is set to wayland-1.

It seems like the problem is that another compositor is running (or at least, that the computer thinks so), but I have no idea how to detect this compositor.