Choosing Widgets has given me a complete black screen (WAYLAND KDE PLASMA)

I have recently upgraded from f39 to f40. I decided to use Wayland on Plasma to test it out. There were some problems with it here & there, but the biggest one was when I tried to go into edit mode and add new widgets on my panel (top panel) it lagged for a sec, told me that KDE had crashed or something, & gave me a black screen!

I boot into my lasted kernel verion (Fedora Linux (6.8.7-300.fc40.x86_64) 40 (KDE Plasma), and enter in my encrypted passphrase, where i seem to be in my login screen, but its completely black and all i can do is see and move my mouse around on the screen.

Please some help, or help me report this to someone working on wayland or whoever. This needs to be fixed for Wayland.

Edit: I have tried previous kernel versions in my GRUB, & they also have this problem occur.

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