Davinci resolves not to work after upgrading to Fedora 39

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Hello, after upgrading from fedora 38 to 39, Davinci Resolver stopped working
I use an AMD RX 6600 video card, in Fedora 38 it was working perfectly, after I updated to 39 it stopped working

“GPU processing mode not supported”

my GPU doesn’t even appear

I don’t know. However, since the error message says “Analise os drivers …”, one thing you might want to try is booting your system with the previous kernel. You might have to hold the shift key while booting to see the menu with the list of kernels that are still installed on your system. The reason it might work is because most Linux drivers are packaged with the kernel.

I’m using the latest kernel version

I’m suggesting that you try an older kernel version. Fedora Linux keeps three installed by default. Try running the following command to see what kernels you have installed.

$ rpm -q kernel                                                                                                                                                                    

Mine are all fc38 because I haven’t upgraded to Fedora Linux 39 yet. You might still have a fc38 kernel on your system even though you’ve upgraded to Fedora Linux 39. If so, then you should be able to use it with your Fedora Linux 39 system. It is very rare that any user-space software requires the latest kernel features. So you can get away with running an older kernel if you need to (for a while).

The solution for me is to disable the following libs (e.g. move to the _disabled folder)

and works normally

Did’nt work for me, maybe because i’m on a AMD graphics card. i could get it to work for a short while with the gdk-pixbuf libraries but after a certain update it failed aigain.

What did work for me is installing resolve in a distrobox of Fedora 38.