Davinci Resolve with MainConcept’s Codec

Hello all! I finally got Davinci Resolve to work. But to my surprise codec support is lacking. I’m not going to back to Windows, again(!). And would rather pay than using a Windows VM. I don’t want to fumble with containers, or converting files before/after editing in Resolve. Does anyone have experience with Resolve using MainConcept’s Codec Plugin? https://www.mainconcept.com/blackmagic-plugins Any help is appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Edit: I’m using an all AMD setup.

You did not give us a lot of info other than missing codecs.

To install the full codec package that is missing from fedora due to various restrictions you need to enable the rpmfusion repos as shown in Configuration - RPM Fusion
Then install either (or both) ffmpeg or libavcodec-freeworld with dnf.
sudo dnf install <packagename> --allowerasing will manage that nicely for most users.

Thank you for responding. I have those codecs installed. I should have phrased the question differently. But, when I import anything AAC encoded audio into Resolve there isn’t any sound.Do you or anyone else know of a workaround?