Dark mode but white menu


i have done a fresh installation of Fedora 36.
i have selected Dark mode in Settings > Appearance
and i have configured all apps with dark mode if available

but somes applications keep a white menu (Vivaldi browser, sublimtext) or are full white mode(vlc)
Firefox, thunderbird are OK

anyone knows how to correct this ? (GTK problem ?)

Sorry if this problem has already be posted. (i didn’t find any topic about his)

screenshots of sublimtext and vivaldi menus

That appears to be a popup and white on black makes it stand out.
If the app itself is showing the problem then show that issue instead.

Please check out point 3. on the checklist i made for me (Gnome-Tweaks):

Simple as tweaks >> appearance = legacy applications change as needed

Thanks for your replies.

@ [ilikelinux]
problem solved.
In tweaks > Appearence, there is a sub-menu called “Old applications”. i’ve change the value in “adwaita-dark” and it’s OK.

I hope one day Gnome will succeed to centralize all these kind of customizaions in one menu…

Many thanks.

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