Customizing Gnome 4.2 | Adjustments I used in Mate-Compiz

I’m trying to customize/adjusting F36 Workstation that i feel comfortable to work with it.
First i would like to do it with what is available in Gnome 4.2 before using an extension.
Probably I just missing the names of the options i like to change.

Of course i scanned thru the settings and the tweaks.

  1. I would like to know if i can change the option/hot-corner when I move with the mouse over activities in the top-left corner. I would like to be able to touch with the mouse on the bottom of my screen that the Dash-bar comes up. And configure the dashboard in size.
    1.1 Solved the problem with the extension dash to dock. dash to plank not works with Wayland.
    1.2 Is there a extension less solution too?

  2. As i used the mate-desktop I had already a Desktop manager installed.
    2.1 I had to change to GDM to use all API functions like blank/lockscreen etc. (sudo systemctl enable gdm.service -f)

  3. Applications like KeePassXC not takes the settings of the dark theme.
    installing qt5ct (configure Qt5 settings?).
    Simple as tweaks >> appearance = legacy applications change as needed

  4. Removing the "package xyz contains ‘command’ would you like to install it y/n (terminal)
    sudo dnf remove PackageKit-command-not-found

  5. GDM background Image and am/pm ↔ 24 hour change.
    Login Manager Settings | Flathub >>GDM Settings

  6. /etc/dnf/dnf.conf >add fastestmirror=True max_parallel_downloads=10and keepcache=True

If you want to help, please feel free to add your numbered list point. Or if you can’t edit a wiki topic just replay.

By now, you probably noticed that there are quite few differences with new GNOME 42 as to what was in the days of Gnome 2.xx. Mate is like spiritual successor to the old GNOME, while GNOME itself went into a new direction for the looks and functionality of the desktop environment.

I see many questions are already answered by you, so perhaps there’s no point in recycling them. As for:

Many things are now done through extensions, if there’s no native way. Tweaks application exposes some settings that are available within gsettings as well, but without GUI it is not intuitive to explore unless you know what you’re searching for and want to script it. At least that’s my experience.

So long story short - for anything that’s not in “the GNOME way” - extension is the way to go.

It comes with a price of stability, performance etc. if the extension is not of high quality though.

Tweaks application also has the option to select the theme, that one is applied to the older applications and those that still don’t follow GNOME light/dark mode. When you switch theme to adwaita dark there, does it work?

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Thanks a lot @masteroman, tweaks >> appearance = legacy applications is what does the trick.

Lately i saw that someone proposed to install qt5ct to solve such a problem. I made this on Mate and this worked. Apparently this is not the Gnome way :smiley:

Yes, i try to document this changes. So I’m able to show others who change from older Gnome to Gnome 42 how thins work.

It is like learning a new Language. As soon you understand the basic rules and know about the structure of a language you can get quite fast in to it.

I do dislike this function that i get proposed to install a certain package if a command is not recognized in terminal. Lately there was a topic about it but i not could found it anymore.

I happen to like it because it seems I may not have already installed the needed package and it tells me what package I should have to run that command.

You can always ignore the prompt and use a different command if that is your preference.

Perso If I use Gnome 42 I install Dash To Panel and configure it to have the same look as Dash To Dock ( with more features in fact )


Panel on Left
Not visible : Clock and System Menu
Applications Button : I choose an Fedora Icon instead of the classical menu icon

I ask to keep the original gnome panel

Here is the results working fine with Wayland and xOrg

( You can reduce the Icon spacing but I don’t )

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PackageKit-command-not-found, Features/PackageKitCommandNotFound - Fedora Project Wiki

That’s true. I like this too. But what I not do like is that when i install such a package and want to remove it, it just removes the package but not all the dependencies i installed with it. It also makes my terminal experience unnecessary slow. That’s why i would like to know where to deactivate.

Lately I guess @ankursinha gave someone this tip how to remove it.

Yes that was the solution for me too. I guess the gnome classic login also shows a classic menu-bar.
I like plank very much but that’s not ready for Wayland jet.

If you are using dnf to do the install. removal should also remove dependencies it pulls in during the install, unless they are also required for some other package as well. Maybe you can provide an example of a package that you installed that way where later removing that package did not clean up the dependencies. (As I understand it, gnome-software should also work the same.)