Create a CentOS category on the fedora discourse for CentOS Stream

For now, ask me, via a post in this thread or in site feedback. But, I’d actually like to hold off on creating categories right now, because of the pending site restructure. And particularly, I’ve grown to strongly believe that categories are the wrong grouping for SIGs. We probably want to use tags, instead — categories are better for really big distinctions (Fedora Project, CentOS Project) or for functional differences (see discussion in that thread).

So right now, my suggestion is to just start talking in the general #centos, and we’ll figure out how to organize as a further refinement.

Or in other words: premature categorization is the same problem as premature optimization. :slight_smile:

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Good point, I’ll wait for the restructure. Concurrently, I’m also still trying to sound out SIG members on this - I’ve grown to like Discourse more over time, and it seems perfect for those activities that currently don’t have a strong mailing list presence anyway since those are harder to move.

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Related to this, I’ve filed an issue requesting Hyperscale SIG’s IRC channel to be bridged to Fedora’s Matrix server.

If this makes sense and more SIGs are interested perhaps at some point they can be listed as a category in the Matrix Space too?

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@mattdm Realizing I never followed up on my moderator questions earlier, sorry about that! I’m being moved into a new role in January and will have a lot on my plate to work through and get caught up on, so despite the workload level you described I’m not going to have a lot of time to pay attention to other alerts/comms. I’ll have to pass on stepping up for that for now.