Correct order to Clone SSD to NVMe M.2


I am quite new to Fedora but pretty confident around computers. For a charity that I work for they have 4 old laptops that need new faster and larger drives.

What I want to do is to clone the old SSD onto the new NVMe drive. Once clone I will then remove the old SSD.

The laptops has an NVMe slot so I can have both drives in at the same time.

I’ve been working through various fomums/reddits/online docs and I think this is the best method to do this.

  1. Install the NVMe drive into the laptop and reboot onto a live Fedora USB/ISO
  2. Once in goto terminal and do a dracut --force (This I’m told will set th system to recognise the nvme drive).
  3. Shutdown the computer
  4. Reboot using a Clonezilla Live Boot CD
  5. CLone the old SSD to the new NVME
  6. Shutdown
  7. Remove the old SSD
  8. Reboot to test working
  9. Reboot into a Gparted Live/Iso
  10. Reclaim the unallocated space on the NVMe

Can you check this is the correct method. Also can you check if I should run the dracut --force command on a normall boot or if I should run it on Live Fedora ISO USB.

not quite.

Install the nvme drive then boot normally
Now run sudo dracut --force
This is required since the initramfs image on the installed system needs to have the nvme driver included. Booting to the live image would not do that successfully without other actions.

The remainder of the instructions seem correct.

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Thank you soooooo much, that sounds great. I’m very glad I made this post now as I would have missed that vital step.