CoreOS Errors regarding docker-compose down, force remove resolv.onf

I am getting this when running docker-compose down. Basically docker locks this file and I have to forcibly remove it (see below)

ERROR: for vpn_1  unable to remove filesystem for a7bdccd37d2f5783b66056ca9d1f34c8b5188d954d14045b273b6d50a1b0f7fb: unlinkat /var/srv/alpha/Docker/containers/a7bdccd37d2f5783b66056ca9d1f34c8b5188d954d14045b273b6d50a1b0f7fb/resolv.conf: operation not permitted

I then have to run…


sudo chattr -i $opfile
sudo rm $opfile

This happens quite a bit and has gotten very annoying.

Let me know if anyone has any thoughts?