Copr integration


I am one of the developers of Copr. I would love to integrate Copr with discussion.f.o. What can I do for it?

I would probably like to have a category named “Copr projects” and have a topic for each project (we have 9k projects) and have it embedded on each copr project page. Is it feasible?

I discovered which state that admin has to enable the embedding.


I created the Copr category with a description and gave you moderator rights for Discourse - it would certainly be doable to create a topic for each project. It seems a lot but it’s just 9000 rows in a database so it should be fine.

Shall we go ahead and do this? Others’ thoughts?


In the page I linked in comment 0 is stated that those topics are created automatically once the embeded code on the page is called. We can try it.


I tried to create a page with an embedded comment and I get " Error Embedding".

I guess that is because in admin section I cannot find and do this step: Admin > Customize > Embedding. @sanja can you do something about it?


Yes - see my email just now. Should work once all settings for the embedding host are set up. Looking forward to see it working.


I configure (btw it seems that path whitelisting does not work, but I can leave it) and now I have:

Which does not work. While artificial

works. And I do not know why the first one does not work. Any idea?


So I am a bit concerned that it just overload the main index page. Is there a way to have a more balanced view, or just hide copr from that ?

Cause if suddenly, there is 9000 topics, there will likely be lots of discussions. My screen show 12 lines. So if each copr topic receive a message every 2 years (cause 12 * 365 * 2 => 8760 messages, so kinda 9000), the main page would show 12 discussions on copr, and any discussion older than 1 day would be pushed down.

And 1 message every 2 years is not that much traffic per package, and so that’s not exactly great IMHO.


I just ticked “Suppress category from latest topics.” and it no more appears on the front page.


Hello, is it possible for a user to reply directly on a page where discourse is loaded in the embedded mode? We would like this option very much in our Copr projects. See e.g. here: Needing to jump back and forth to comment wouldn’t be very pleasant experience for our users.


@sanja Can you please grant @frostyx the admin rights. He will try to tune CSS for embedding according to

@frostyx I already set the class for Copr elements to copr-discussion, so you need to define a style for these classes.


I find that I can grant it myself. Done. So when you will be revoking my admin rights later, include @frostyx as well.


Ok, let me know when it’s finished.