Can the copr category be removed from the Latest list?

As shown here.

I just got up to >200 unread topics, it’s drowning everything else out…


I wonder if it is really necessary to create an empty companion discussion topic each time something happens in COPR. Would it be possible to add functionality to COPR web site which creates the topic once it is needed?

Cc: @msuchy @praiskup

You can mute it your side by clicking the circle in the top right on the category page.

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I had to enable creating empty discussion topic (names of projects are taken from RSS) - so yes, it can be definitelly disabled and it will be created on the fly when somebody open the project page in Copr for the first time.
The problem is that creating of topic takes some time (nearly one minute). Therefore Discourse recommend to create it in advance if possible.

I just enabled “do not list this category in Latest” and puff, it is gone. Enjoy :slight_smile: