Container SIG Initial IRC Meeting - August 23, 2018 - 15:00 UTC on #fedora-containers

I have scheduled our first IRC meeting for this week Thursday (August 23, 2018 - 15:00 UTC) on #fedora-containers (freenode).

link to calendar meeting

The agenda for this meeting is :

  • Everyone interested in the SIG to introduce themselves
  • Go through some of the discussion we had during flock.
  • Finally try to find a fortnightly meeting time that suits everyone.

Hope to see you there Thursday,



I can’t be there as it’s school pickup time. Would you post a general summary of what was discussed here, if possible?

Is it possible to get a calendar invite?

Sure I forgot to add it


i would like to take part on the meeting, but i have to work at this time. Do you upload a protocol and the recent meeting time, which has been discussed?


Hi this will be our first meeting, all the meeting are usually logged and you can access the minutes and full logs here

I ll post the minutes here after our first meeting.

Hi, ah okay. Thx for the info;)

Hopefully, I can take part the next time :slight_smile:

You can find the meeting minutes here and the full logs here.

Following yesterday’s meeting I created a poll to try to see if we can find the best time slot to hold our meeting every two weeks.

The time is poll is in UTC and represent the beginning of the meeting.

Thx for creating the poll! Just done it.

btw the poll is dated on August? You mean September?

The date are not really relevant since the meeting will occur every 2 weeks. But I ll see if I can change that :slight_smile:

Okay I see the point;) Hehe :slight_smile:

I finally got to schedule our next meeting, based on the framadate poll this will happen next Monday (2018-09-24 at 13.00 UTC)

See the calendar link SIGs - Fedocal

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