Conflict between MR/"stg" branch and "main" branch in Docs repo

We created a conflict between @pboy 's existing MR from stg to main and the existing main (due to direct commits to “main”). So a rebase is currently not possible.

I have summed up the issue in my comment at the end of the open MR. See

I have already added the “meeting” label to discuss it on Wednesday (and maybe find a solution to avoid this in future: of course this can be fixed but causes error-prone work).

Feel free to check it out in advance to the meeting.

Also affected by conflicts:

I’ve just finished a version of the team page, not yet perfect, but hopefully good enough to get published. I didn’t follow the discussion about this conflict close enoughdue to other obligations.

Normally I would just push my local version to upstream( / stg now. Or does that induce new conflicts for some reason?

The stg branch has been rebased since then so it’s unlikely Gitlab allows you to push your changes if you’ve not updated your local copy in the meantime.
If you don’t want to deal with conflicts and/or rebase, you can just create a new branch and I’ll handle the merge into stg.

I made a new clone last week (Aug. 25). If I remember correctly, you did the rebase and conflict cleaning before that date? Or is it easier for you if I create a new branch anyway?

That should be good then. The rebase was done the day before.

I just uploaded my proposal for publication.

It is a kind of minimal content. Those navigation items we don’t have a text ready are there as labels. The corresponding files are included without being linked, but ready to work on. This includes a systematic directory structure and naming convention.

Please, could someone help me and check the internal links. There were a lot of error messages in my local built. As far as I saw, all about links to other documents.

I would like to start with the next part. I plan to rework the part about local writing environment and git for writers.

I do not have much time today. So I have just opened it and once clicked through all navigation items on the left. Besides those who do not have a link at the moment, I have no error: all pages are found & loaded. We are talking about the navigation items on the left, don’t we?

Thanks for your support. No, the problem may be references inside some articles. It is specifically the charter, if I remember correctly. They reference documents any where else which i didn’t have locally in the clone.

At first glance in the Charter page, there is one link: “The team meets regularly to discuss and coordinate ongoing work. Meeting chairs are selected on a volunteer basis.”

Within the page, I can click it, but it doesn’t happen anything. But I also don’t get an error. However, this link seems to try to only navigate within the page.

If I click on the navigation on the right (=navigation within page), the “meetings” section has the following link (this one works):

The in-text link, which doesn’t work, is:

So the difference is a _ before “meetings.adoc”

But the “wrong” link works from here as it at least forwards to the Charter page, but it cannot find the related section within the Charter because of the lack of _

Maybe that helps to identify the underlying problem.

I’ve fixed all the links I could find. There are 3 left that point to a non-existent file. See MR comment for details.
Note that this branch is built every hour and published on Fedora Documentation Team :: Fedora Docs.
You can use that if you need to check links that point to other doc components.

The § links are

1: contributing-docs/prerequisites.adoc in file: modules/ROOT/pages/contributing-docs/special-contributing-to-release-notes.adoc

that should become

that means the subtitle === Prerequisites in file index.adoc

Does it work this way, or do I have to add a marker before the title? Unfortunately I don’t remember, It’s a long time ago …

contributing-docs/contributing-to-existing-docs.adoc in file: modules/ROOT/pages/contributing-docs/special-contributing-to-release-notes.adoc

Problem here: The target is now tools-localenv-contrib-new-documentation.adoc, but hte file is not ready to get published and not linked in navigation.

What do we do with that?

I need 2-3 days to get the file ready

prerequisites.adoc in file: modules/ROOT/pages/contributing-docs/tools-localenv-contrib-new-documentation.adoc

The source file is not yet ready publish and is not linked and not visible.

Maybe, we need not to care about that at the moment? Or do we have to fix it before Antora is willing to publish it?

There is no need to care about it right now, especially if these files do not exist at this moment.

xref link written this way are relative to the modules/ROOT/pages directory. If you want to link to the modules/ROOT/pages/contributing-docs/index.adoc file, then you should use:


or if the file is in the same directory, you can use:


Well, I fixed the links in Contributing to Release Notes, some temporarily by commenting out some sentences until we / I get the local writing environment right.

I push to stg. I hope that is OK. (Sorry, I’m just busy with a complex, completely different issue)