Cloud gaming

hello there

thoughts on Linux gaming and Cloud gaming. For me went to cloud gaming even i have decent Hardware with i9-9900H 32Gb RAM intel UHD graphics and RTX 3050 TI, but i enjoy gaming, but seems like i still had larger ammount of performance issues and heat issues on my hardware since my DELL model happends to be the model that has heating issues that are fixed on new models already.

Decided to give Cloud gaming another change after Xbox game pass added to Geforce NOW services and i have been enjoying way too much the experience on it games work great and no lag issues at this moment. Using Geforce NOW on chrome PWA app and that works great too

what you guys think is cloud gaming the future now? since i see more and more cloud gaming services etc are popping on

I expect that it will continue to grow.

What you are referring to as cloud gaming is (or at least similar to) what many have called MMORPG (massively multiplayer online roleplaying gaming) and also the multiple small games for mobile devices. Having games online without needing to download the entire game but playing on a server located elsewhere seems the wave of the future, especially for the larger more immersive games.

What I referring here now is using example GeForce now platform, Xbox gaming cloud etc tested both and both has good qualities on example Xbox cloud gaming has touch support almost all games so can play mobile, tablet etc but again didint like the options to be only Xbox games so I went little more difrent and started my experience journey taking Xbox PC game pass and GeForce now service where I use the GeForce now servers and I have to say it is working really smooth and I can use all my game stores there almost all I play now has added there steam, Ubisoft connect, origin, ea access games, Xbox game pass and the GeForce now app on Android is nice even it needs controller, but also new tv has the app option so I can play using PS5 controller via my tv. No downloads is nice plus it takes about 30 seconds to create my rig and launch the game. Just waiting the provider gets hardware upgrades so can get WHQD and 4k streaming experience on cloud and what I love on Linux side no apps, no wine, no bottles just chrome browser PWA app and it is done

I can see this is going huge in 2-3 years and I like that.
Integrations are getting better and better and connection issues haven’t got too many server latency I have 2ms max and 1024/1024Mbps connection with cable. Past 2 weeks daily running games on it and more I play more I get excited how smooth and how well it works already atleast for me

About games I have runned on it starfield, payday 3, last epoch, cs2, destiny 2 and bf2042 for daily games I play

Been so surprised it still haven’t reached top peak, but it is getting there more and more and more I use it more I love it the simple way to hop on the gaming

Well Sony playstation launches in a week there cloud gaming/streaming service on premium subscribe members will be testing that too 4K streaming with all DLC include no buying no downloads it seems to be really true that cloud gaming is the future