Linus Tech Tips Linux Gaming Challenge Pt.2

All the second part of Linus Tech Tips Linux Gaming Challenge just dropped on YouTube and boy is it right up our gaming alley. In this video Linus and Luke get their recording/streaming setups respectively .

Watch the Video first! Will be talking about parts of the video going forward.

So starting off one of the first things that both Luke and Linus do is install OBS Studio and set it up with all there peripherals. With both versions of OBS on Fedora, (Flatpack or rpmfusion), It works very well out of the box as of the switch to pipewire. Before pipewire OBS would not refresh whatever I was capturing weather that be a game or my terminal for work. OBS for me has never been hard to setup on Linux just flaky till recently.

Part to of the video hit home for me and it dealing with the lack of software for gaming peripherals. I have a couple of Razer products and a Logitech head set that have zero software support. I know that software support for gaming items on Linux as a whole, is a bit of a chicken and egg situation, (no software support because most gamers use Windows, and most gamers use Windows so no company wants to develop software if there is not a high enough demand). So I, Like Linus, keep a Windows 10 VM with the peripherals software installed to update them and make changes.

I would love to see more software support for our gaming peripherals but for that to happen we are going to need more gamers coming over to Linux (not necessarily Fedora but preferable) and letting the companies know that we need support for Linux.

I haven’t had this problem on Linux. I prefer the console experience so when I play on my computer I still prefer to hook up a controller if the game supports it. I will say I did have problems with OBS last year. I just tried it now and it is working with any workarounds again which is good.

I do hope it gets better so people don’t have to jump through these hoops. I’m glad they were able to get it running.

I agree, I am glad they got it working as well, and I also enjoy the console experience, Steam has made it so mush easier to import configs for controllers to the point i just connect my controller and play, I don’t have to go finding the best rated config and add that manually to the controller that I am using.

Also one thing Linus said that didn’t work for him but I know works for me was the low battery alert. I don’t know if that’s a Fedora thing or a Gnome thing but when I’m playing I will get a pop up telling me my controller, mouse, or keyboard battery is low, so I will give a big +1 to that.