Clone fedora-toolbox-37 to fedora-toolbox-38?

After updating my system, I notice when entering. Sorta like toolbox clone? toolbox enter I got this message:

11:24:11 james@HP-Z840 ~ → toolbox enter
Error: container fedora-toolbox-38 not found
Entering container fedora-toolbox-37 instead.
Use the 'create' command to create a different toolbox.
Run 'toolbox --help' for usage.

I know I can create a new toolbox, but are there flags can can be stipulated to have the new toolbox created with the same added software as the previous toolbox? toolbox --help is no help at all. man toolbox is the same page as --help

Thanks for any suggestions

No, not based on your existing toolbox container. Toolbox is a relatively simple tool for using containers interactively.

If you want finer control over creating and managing containers you should use podman. You can write a Containerfile for a custom image, podman build it, then use that image with toolbox.

This might help: Toolbox: What does a container needs to be usable by toolbox?

Thank you for the quick reply. I had thought of that for future toolboxes. I generally do not keep them around for long, but this time I really customized this toolbox, and wanted the new one based on fedora-38 to be the same, without all the extra package installations. Thanks for the link. I agree, a containerfile is the way to go.

No matter how you do it, it’ll involve installing packages in the F38 container.

Actually, here’s a crude way to install the same packages:

toolbox run -c fedora-toolbox-37 dnf -qC rq --userinstalled --qf '%{name}' > /tmp/userinstalled
toolbox run -c fedora-toolbox-38 sudo dnf in $(</tmp/userinstalled)
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