Citrix: Mic/WebCam for Zoom-VDI

I tried the latest Citrix ICAClient ICAClient-rhel- on Fedora nightly.

Software installed it without issues, and connection is working in the sense that I can access my remote desktop.

However, when I try to start the Zoom-VDI app in Citrix, it cannot detect my Mic / WebCam.

When using Citrix client under Windows, there is a HDX plugin to be installed in the Windows Client for Videos to work, but Mic/Speaker works without that.

Does anyone got Mic/Speaker/Webcam work for Zoom running inside the Citrix environment?

I can re-install Fedora to a specific version if needed.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, I assume if Fedora Nightly are using pipewire with wireplumber. If the device recognized by the system (for example detected from something like lspci or dmesg), the other thing to check is pipewire detect it or not.

[testcase@fedora ~]$ pw-cli dump short Device
38: c="Video/Device" n="v4l2_device.pci-0000_00_04.1-usb-0_7_1.0" d="Video Capture 2" a="v4l2"
39: c="Video/Device" n="v4l2_device.pci-0000_00_04.1-usb-0_7_1.0.2" d="Metadata 2" a="v4l2"
40: c="Audio/Device" n="alsa_card.pci-0000_00_08.0" d="Built-in Audio" a="alsa"
41: c="Audio/Device" n="alsa_card.pci-0000_02_00.1" d="High Definition Audio Controller" a="alsa"

If pipewire recognize it, wireplumber should recognize it too.

[testcase@fedora ~]$ wpctl status
 β”œβ”€ Devices:
 β”‚      38. Video Capture 2                     [v4l2]
 β”‚      39. Metadata 2                          [v4l2]
 β”œβ”€ Sinks:
 β”œβ”€ Sink endpoints:
 β”œβ”€ Sources:
 β”‚  *   42. Video Capture 2                    
 β”œβ”€ Source endpoints:
 └─ Streams:

Since I don’t have zoom, if you run zoom, zoom client should show up in the wpctl status.

After above test, we should know where to start.

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