Chrome and Brave with ozone wayland fractional scaling stopped working on F38

My Environment

  • Fedora 38 Workstation (GNOME)
  • Wayland
  • Mutter experimental fractional scaling enabled
  • Chrome/Brave flags enabled “ozone=auto”
  • Framework Laptop

I’ve been using Google Chrome and Brave on wayland with ozone set to auto for the last 6 months. Today it’s behaving unexpectedly. Instead of the window pixel density increasing to match the desktop the entire window has scaled up, with the pixel density being lower than when ozone is turned off.

I have not seen any threads on this yet.

Same problem for me. Both Edge and Chrome have issues, I’m gonna switch to Firefox

Do you have Intel graphic card?

Could you please check if your mesa packages have been upgraded to version 23.0.3-3?

rpm -qa|grep mesa

I’m running on Intel Iris XE with the newest Mesa driver. I think it’s a bug of chromium, many people have the same issue with me.

I have the same issue, also running on Intel Iris Xe. Yes, it seems an issue with chromium based browsers, I use Brave as default browser and it’s not rendering correctly. I have found a workaround, passing the -use-gl=egl argument, the browser works fine.

brave-browser -use-gl=egl

I haven’t tested in other chromium based browser, but I guess it should work fine as well.

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I tried but it didn’t work with my google-chrome

@canderson9 I am onMesa 23.0.3-3

I found these tickets that google is working on
Revert “[Linux/Ozone/Wayland] Support fractional-scale-v1”
which was superseded by this ticket
Reland “[Linux/Ozone/Wayland] Support fractional-scale-v1”

Is there anything as a user I can do short term until their fix makes into production?

I found this workaround for Brave, it’s working pretty stable on my local machine.

brave-browser -use-gl=egl

In the meantime, you can also try Brave Beta, which seems to work.

I think they will release the fix for the stable version soon.