Brave Browser, or Edge overlap upon Window Tiling

I am new to Fedora 40 with GNOME. I noticed that when I snap the windows (using Super + Left/Right) for Brave or MS Edge browsers, each window doesn’t fit perfectly in their respective halves of the screen and there is a slight overlap. In the case of Firefox or any other application, it works perfectly fine. Please see the screenshots. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you in Advance.

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This is an issue about how these applications handle their window size and “decorations” (the three buttons for minimize, maximize, close)

Firefox uses the GTK decorations, Chromium browsers use their own decorations. These are probably broken.

(both Edge and Brave are not supported by Fedora, but if you install the Chromium RPM you may be able to reproduce this)

Added chromium

Thank you for providing me with some insights. but then Chromium is broken too.

Its all the same browser, so yes, we have that confirmation.

You can file a bug against chromium? But this may also be a GNOME issue.

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In gnome there is an extension named forge. If you like you could give a try if this has the same effects. It also has a lot of settings where you probably could get a better result as by the default tilling from Gnome.

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Okay Forge works better than native gnome wm. for now i will just use this. Thank you so @ilikelinux! :pray:

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I have turned off the Forge extension, but now the latest updates seems to have it fixed aleady. now 2 chrome based browser windows do not overlap in windows tiling

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I do like the forge extension because I like to work a lot wit at least two windows open. So i do not have to adjust them manually.

When I work wit more than two windows, I prefer to switch the workspace and switch wit
Alt & Tab in between the windows and with

Ctrl Alt & Arrow left/right in between workspaces.

The only bad thing about the Extension is that I depend on a Extension more :slight_smile:

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