Changing Screenshots to save to Desktop


Hi all…

Is it possible to set Screenshots to SAVE to DESKTOP, rather than in with all my pictures / photos… ?
I’ve googled and don’t see anything… perhaps it’s not possible… ?


Added kde

Open Spectacle, select Configure… in the top menu, select Save from the left menu, then type in the Save Location you want.

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Search term “kde spectacle save location”

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Thx for that. Should have been obvious to me, but after 8 hours of setting up Asahi, think my brain was shutting down. Loving Asahi and moving on from macOS!

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I’d love to use Flameshot for capturing things.

When you save the image, it will prompt you to specify the file path and always remember the last location where you saved it. Additionally, you can simply copy and paste from the clipboard instead of creating a file that takes up storage space.

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