Carla hasn't been updated to fix plugins issue

Hi everyone, I’m currently in Fedora 35. I’m trying to do some audio production here, Ardour works just fine with Pipewire, but Carla is on version 2.4.2-1. This version has this error when you try to click in the refresh button to search for new plugins (Nothing happens). This issue has been fixed on version 2.4.2-2 almost a month ago.

Carla logs:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/share/carla/", line 1692, in slot_refreshPlugins
    if PluginRefreshW(self,, self.fUseSystemIcons, self.hasLoadedLv2Plugins).exec_():
  File "/usr/share/carla/", line 1230, in __init__
TypeError: decorated slot has no signature compatible with SearchPluginsThread.pluginLook[float, str]

More info:
Kernel: 5.16.15
Githug issue: Refresh plugins crashes with TypeError · Issue #1590 · falkTX/Carla · GitHub
carla --version output:

LRDF Support not available (LADSPA-RDF will be disabled)
Using Carla version 2.4.2
  Python version: 3.10.2
  Qt version:     5.15.2
  PyQt version:   5.15.6
  Binary dir:     /usr/lib64/carla
  Resources dir:  /usr/share/carla/resources

You could monitor current Carla version available in Fedora Linux repo here

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It’s 2.4.2-1 as i said. I guess i can put a comment there explaining the issue, I’m i right?

Yes, that is the fast way to reach out the maintainer.

Great then, i will do it.

In testing.

I got an update today of carla (Carla-2.4.2-2.fc35.src.rpm).