Anyone else having issues with latest pipewire v0.3.72 update?


Just updated last night and today I’ve been having constant audio issues that I’ve not had before since I installed Fedora 38. I can’t reproduce the issue yet, but it randomly happens quite often throughout the day (happened about 5-7 times so far).

The issue itself is I’ll be playing music in one of my music players, then I’ll open up Discord or Celluloid, and my music player will keep playing music, but no audio will come out. If I close Discord, magically the audio will come back again to my music player. This same issue happens with Discord, Celluloid (both rpm and flatpak versions btw).

This leads me to believe it’s a pipewire issue, but I haven’t seen anything in my Gnome logs to indicate that, hence why I haven’t been able to reproduce yet, but I can trigger it enough times to make it happen sometimes.

I don’t remember all the 20-30 packages that I updated last night, but I know pipewire was among them, though I can’t rule out potential other packages either.

Is anyone else experiencing weird audio issues in the last day or two?

Looks like I may not be the only one after all, could be a bigger issue for one users potentially:

I’m also having problem with audio.
I have to execute a command over and over again to be able to run youtube.

the command is: systemctl --user restart pipewire

The 0.3.74 update fixed the Pipewire issue that I had. If you are still having problems with it, it may be a different related issue you are having trouble with. It may be that you’ll have to file a new bug report if you don’t see one already mentioned here that’s similar to yours (do check both open AND closed issues as well for an issue that sounds like yours and good luck!):