Captive portal address not resolving

I am trying to connect to a public wifi that uses a captive portal. I’m able to do this with Windows on the same laptop, and with my Android phone, from these I have the url and ip address that’s used for the login page; however, on fedora this results in “Destination Host Unreachable” with Firefox, Chrome and Chromium, and ping -c4 $URL.

Any ideas why this is happening and what I could try to fix it? I have not had a problem connecting to captive portals with Fedora on this computer before.

I’m not sure what specifically there you’re pointing to. I get a prompt to go to the captive portal, and I have tried directly entering the address, but in all cases I get the error “Destination Host Unreachable”.

it is a issue that has been poped up for some users but for some users and isp this was a not a issue it works so it has some bugs it need to be fixed you can create a bug report in bugzilla