Can't start wayland session from sddm

Hi, It’s my first time writing on this forum and I will try to go straight to the point so I don’t waste too much of everybody’s time.

Disclamer: English isn’t my native language so I apologize for any possible error you might encouter during the reading of this post


I’ve recentely written a little bash script which goal is to install a Minimal version of KDE, installing only the basic kde apps like dolphin, konsole ecc… without installing all the other KDE apps like the KDE spin of Fedora.

I tested the script in a Virtual Machine by installing a Minimal version of Fedora 37 first and running the script once I was able to log into the VM.

The installation of the KDE Desktop goes well but when as soon as I log in through sddm in a Wayland session, all I can see is a black screen.

This doesn’t happen with an X11 session which works fine.

After some testing, I’ve noticed that if I log into a tty console and start the plasma wayland session through the startplasma-wayland command, I can log in into the wayland session without any problems.

I will leave the commands that my script runs to install a minimal version of KDE below so if someone wants to reproduce the problem that I’m facing is able to do so.

To replicate the problem do this steps:

  1. Install a Minimal version of Fedora using the Everything Net Install ISO

  2. Log into the new installed system and run the following commands:

dnf install sddm sddm-kcm sddm-breeze -y

dnf install plasma-desktop konsole5 dolphin kcharselect kde-connect colord-kde kate kcalc ark gwenview spectacle wget firefox simple-scan okular plasma-discover plasma-discover-notifier kinfocenter plasma-systemmonitor nano-default-editor pciutils fedora-workstation-backgrounds fwupd fwupd-efi fwupd-plugin-flashrom fwupd-plugin-modem-manager fwupd-plugin-uefi-capsule-data tar dnf-plugin-system-upgrade plasma-discover-offline-updates htop kde-print-manager kdegraphics-thumbnailers -y

  1. enable display manager (sddm)

sudo systemctl enable sddm

sudo systemctl set-default

  1. Reboot the VM

  2. Try to log into a Wayland session

To log into a Wayland session manually :

  1. Restart Sddm through CTRL + ALT + F3 key combination

  2. Log into any tty

  3. start Wayland session with startplasma-wayland command

If someone happens to have a solution to this problem, please let me know. Thanks in advance