Can't log in after enabling GDM


I can’t login into my system after disabling sddm and enabling gdm. I had both installed, than ran:
sudo systemctl disable sddm
sudo systemctl enable gdm
And rebooted.
Now, the system loads into command line (tty1), asks for login credentials, which I can’t type in since every letter I type appears as a box! Recovery gives me the same result.
So now I’m stuck out of my system and have no idea what to do…

Any ideas would be welcome…

Fedora Workstation 37 on Surface.

Can you check the logs:
journalctl -b -u display-manager.service -u gdm.service -u sddm.service

If you’re running nvidia you may need to switch to X11


I don’t think so, how can I get the logs without loggin in?

Sorry about that, I read through too fast.
Can you access the logs via the web console or can you boot from a live iso into recovery mode, chroot and get them.

If you can get into a chroot you should also be able to switch back to sddm.

You would want to use one of the netinstall imaged I would use,

There’s a troubleshooting menu available that you can rescue an existing fedora installation.


Thanks, that did it!

With the troubleshooting option I managed to use chroot and simply restored sddm, now everything works well again.