Cant authenticate at network printer

Hello Guys, i have switched recently from Linux Mint to Fedora 30.

And i run directly in a Problem, where i dont found a solution. So i hope to find some help here.

So here is the Problem:
So i tried to connect to the Printers of my University. At my University we have a Samba Network with connected Print Server. You print to this Server and then you can print the file at every printer in the Campus.

So, i managed it quite easy to configure the Server, but when i want to print, i stuck at this point:


As you can see, i have to login with my Uni-ID to acess the Print Server, but i cant do it. At the other hand i can connect to the Samba-Network in Nautilus (so it should not be Samba).

So, what now?

I need the acess to print files, so I’d appreciate any help.

Just want to notify that the Problem was solved (somehow) after some updates and waiting. I still don´t know what the Problem was, but it work now, so this is now solved.