Windows printer via samba

Windows printer via samba, this features is not yet available. Please when it will be available?

This feature is there for a long long time…

Please explain more detailed what you are trying to do.

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There is no way to conect to a windows printer via samba in fedora 40, in fedora 39 is ok.

Fedora 40 says this features is not available yet.

Windows 10 with a printer conected via usb in a lan. So in fedora 40 this feature is not avaible. Understood?


May I ask where you read that F40 would not be able to connect to smb shared printer?

I am using fedora40 kde plasma 6, as you can see on image below

I assume you have the packages samba-client installed and I assume that the file /usr/lib/cups/backend/smb exists as a symbolic link to the real printer backend for the smb:// protocol. You could try to configure the printer using the browser to the url “http://localhost:631/”.

Hi, the printer is shared in a windows 10 pc, how to do that via URL, can you help me?

The format of the smb:// url is given below. Run the command

/usr/libexec/samba/cups_backend_smb --help

and you get

Usage: /usr/libexec/samba/cups_backend_smb [DEVICE_URI] job-id user title copies options [file]
       The DEVICE_URI environment variable can also contain the
       destination printer:


Thank you so much, its working good printer is running

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