Cannot use Mendeley desktop on f32

I downloaded the rpm file of Mendeley desktop from rpmfind:
RPM resource mendeley

After installing it, I still cannot use it even though it shows on my installed software list. Specifically, when I click the launch button, there is no response.

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This is a bad idea.

Enable the the RPM Fusion repositories and reinstall the package:

sudo dnf reinstall mendeleydesktop

If the issue persists, launch it from the terminal and post the output here:

rpm -q mendeleydesktop

Thanks for your reply. After reinstalling mendeleydesktop following your instructions, I can only open it by typing its name on the terminal. In addition, I got this warning message:

QSocketNotifier: Can only be used with threads started with QThread
QtWebEngine::initialize() called with QCoreApplication object already created and should be call before. This is depreciated and may fail in the future.

So, does it work?

These are just warnings, not errors.
Typically, you can safely ignore warning messages.

It is like this for me:

> rpm -q mendeleydesktop 

> grep -e ^Exec= /usr/share/applications/mendeleydesktop.desktop
Exec=mendeleydesktop --unix-distro-build %f

I also see the warnings, but it seems to work fine.

mendeleydesktop works for me. Installed from RPM Fusion. I get that QtWebEngine warning too but it doesn’t seem to cause a problem. Maybe look into how your launcher is calling the application.


It can be opened via terminal, but does not show in my application list. Specifically, when I search mendeley in my application list, there is no result.

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Try updating the user and system MIME caches:

update-desktop-database ~/.local/share/applications
sudo update-desktop-database /usr/share/applications

Try to log out and log in again.


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